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Introduction to GMS International®

An education beyond the ordinary!

GMS International® is a communications company focused on solutions and services for communications, culture, language and leadership, completely targeted to the enterprise market.

GMS International® is highly respected in the industry for our exceptional standards of quality and professionalism. Our extensive list of references from satisfied customers includes some of the largest global companies, organisation and authorities. With our distinguished and experienced instructors and teachers, we are confident that we are the perfect choice when it comes to educational services in communication, culture, language and leadership!

-GMS International® is active worldwide and offers the best educational services, both at local and global levels, throughout Europe, North & South America, Africa and Asia.

-All GMS courses and training programs are flexible in terms of content, length and intensity. We know that our customers have unique needs and our programmes are of course completely adapted for this.

-GMS International® arranges and organises virtual training via e-learning, such as intensive courses, workshops, GMS Staff Coaching®, etc., all in consultation with the client.

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Language Training

We offer professional language training worldwide. All our great teachers teach in their native language, they are not only linguists but also have extensive experience from the business and corporate world with extensive knowledge and experience in - Finance, Human Resources, Leadership, Legal, Insurance, IT, Biotechnology and Marketing

This means that we always offer highly qualified teachers who really know your business and understand your needs!

We teach in many languages - English, Swedish, French, Danish, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese - to name a few ...

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Personal Coaching

GMS Staff Coaching® is a service designed individually and offered to customers at an advanced level with the goal to achieve maximum results in minimal time and for a very specific purpose. GMS Staff Coaching® addressed to individuals at management level in international companies and organizations that use the English language.

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To grow as manager!

You will work on two important areas to develop your leadership skills: Self-knowledge - to lead themselves - and group knowledge - to lead others. Both are needed for managers to successfully lead teams and have a firm foundation in their relationships, in their judgment and in their decision making.

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Project Management

The program builds on established models for project management. We mix theory with practical exercises and work with case studies in small groups. The exercises are discussed all the time with the instructor to ensure learning and reflection.

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GMS Cambridge Certificate

The Cambridge-exam we use is standard for English language proficiency worldwide. The test is held twice a year in Sweden, one in autumn and one in spring.

Examination can be taken for levels B2-C1.

GMS Cambridge Prep-course®

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